While our activities that help people in our community can be found in Community Outreach, this page covers the ways we strive to grow more Christ-like and spend time in study/devotion.

Small Groups (Sunday School)

At 11 am on Sundays, we divide into small groups to read and discuss from lesson books. We currently have two small groups. Orell Alley teaches a class for older adults. The “young adult” group (mostly 50’s-60’s with some younger folks) is led by Lily Pierce. Laura Harrell and Johnny Wilbourne have a class with children when they come.

Lectio Divina

[For the time being, we are using this day/time slot for other studies. At the start of September, we are starting a Bible study on the four gospels.]

This group meets on Monday nights to read, study, and pray the scriptures. They select a passage from the Bible each week and delve into three questions: What does the passage mean to you? What word or phrase stands out most to you? What is the passage calling you to do or be this coming week?

Women’s Devotional Breakfast

Usually on the third Saturday of the month, ladies from Gideon Grove UMC and Palestine UMC gather at a restaurant at 8 am for eating and fellowship. The meal is followed by a devotional reading from Pastor Wanda. They are invited but not required to go to the Good Samaritan Ministries Clothes Closet and sort donations at 10 am.